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So many people has been asking me the same question everyday!

  • “How do you have time to do it… ?”
  • “How do you manage to balance everything..?”
  • “Doesn’t it take a lot of time?”
  • “Woah, that looks amazing! How much work did you put into it?!”
  • “You should go into this kind of stuff!”
  • “Is it hard to do? Why are you doing this?”

These simply a few questions are what I hear everyday, that I’m so use to replying with the same answer. So I decided I’ll spent 30-40minutes right now to write a full response to it. It’s not that I’m annoyed with it or anything, cause I do love answering them! But it’s just that, I thought making a post about it would clarify things up :) 

If you’ve read the type of questions, you’d probably get a sense what I’m talking about. That’s right, it’s about MQD (aka Maggie Q Daily). Not only have fans from twitter/tumblr, but also majority of my friends from real life have been asking me! I’ve had a couple so far, and it’s funny how each time I get the same reactions back.

So to start off the questions, YES. Yes, it does take a long time to manage and run MQD. I can’t lie about that, it takes up a portion of your daily life that you have to be willing to dedicate to. As a university student, there already is a pile load of homework/assignments/tests/exams that you face each day, and your own personal time is limited. But with whatever time I have left, I would like to dedicate a huge chunk or all of it towards MQD. 

The answer is balance. You must have self-motivation and will power to do it. If you’re a person who doesn’t stay on top of things or aren’t organized, then you’ll probably struggle. You must balance out your school studies/work/whatever, and the other things in life. Without balance, you’ll soon be crashing and stress yourself out A LOT. (Trust me, I’d know from experience). So the best thing to do is keep a schedule for yourself and plan what and when you’ll do your studies and then try and fit everything in as best as you can. Always try to finish your studies before doing anything else, as that’s always the most important factor in life right now.

When asked if it’s worth all the trouble and hassle to run it, the answer to me is “yes”. I think it’s worth the while, and I love doing it! It’s a passion, and I’m totally devoted to what I love. Not only do I love Mags, but I also love the fansite making process and the experience that comes a long. It would be pretty hard to even start up or continue if I didn’t have the love or passion for it. Then there would be no motivation. It is an interesting experience, and definitely there are things you can learn through this process. It’s never a waste of time! And you definitely shouldn’t think of it as doing it for something in return, cause that’s just the wrong idea! Think of it as a fun learning experience, and never expect anything in return or else you won’t enjoy it!

The next question, if it takes a lot of time, yes. The most time-consuming process I would say, is probably first starting up. When you first start up, you have to organize and plan how you want everything to be. Especially if you’re a perfectionist, you’ll be spending most of the time on the details ;) Once you have everything all set up and running, then the only consuming part would be trying to keep up with everything! (Such as the news, and social networks…) Which does take quite a while, as keeping all the social networks up to date is hard, considering all the different types of networks out there nowadays!

Overall, I think that it’s fun, but time consuming at the same time. If you’re not fully dedicated, then you shouldn’t start one. One of my pet peeves is when someone starts a site and then quite the next week or something. Please, don’t start one unless you are fully committed to running it. I feel bad for the fans that get left hanging there, wanting news about a certain person and the owner just disappears and stops because they don’t feel like it anymore. It’s sad and annoys me, no offense to anyone particular. 

I hope that after this post (if anyone even reads it lol!), that you’ll get a sense of the work and time that an owner must give to their fansite. You can consider it as their baby, in other sense (: I’m not trying to get pity or empathy here, I’m just explaining and answering a few questions that has become very common! If anyone has any other questions, I’ll be happy to answer them! Please leave it in the ask box here.

Have an awesome day everyone,


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